Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to my life as a TV junkie.

Fall TV is starting back up again, hooray! Last year I boycotted Dancing with the Stars, because Master P was such a waste of space but never getting voted off and it was annoying the living crap out of me, but this year I'll try to watch it again. It doesn't make it easy for me though because... two hours?? The first ep was 2 hours long. I was really bored of it by the end, but waiting just to see Jerry Springer (who was not as bad as I thought he would be). And then the following results show, which was only an hour, was half filled with crap and Tom Jones. Lucky for me I DVR'd it, so I didn't have to watch all of that. Unsurprisingly, Tucker Carlson was voted off. I don't watch his show or anything, so I really had no previous impression of him other than BOW TIE. Actually, he is sort of hilarious. And a terrible, terrible dancer. Its too bad, really.

A question for Annie:
Pediatrician in Durham: Who do you go to? Thats my next baby-preparedness job, and I only know two other Durhamites w/ recent babies, and they both go to the same place. Comment or email, Adrienne has my email addy. Thanks!


Heidi Ellis said...

I watched DWTS too. No one's my favorite yet. Most of the women kinda annoy me in one way or another.

Lisa said...

Um, totally. I think the only one that doesn't actively annoy me is the country music girl, who I really have no opinion on whatsoever.

Annie said...

Okay, so I don't look like a jerk to the rest of the internet, I just want y'all to know that I said the Pickett Road clinic. Which, I'll admit, looks like an old people holding tank on the surface, but if you go upstairs, it gets all multi-colored and Seussical, and the average age is about four-score less than downstairs. It's super good.

Oh, and also? Jerry SPRINGER? WHAT? And who did that to Joey Lawrence's hair?

Adrienne said...

Better question: Why has Joey, um, JOE been plucking his eyebrows like that for two years? A hint to the males: take care of the middle and let Mother Nature deal with the rest.