Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm tired of being pregnant, and so is my laptop

This past week, I've gotten really tired of being pregnant. I'm sick of having heartburn all the time. I don't even think the heartburn is pregnancy-caused, I got it before too. Maybe not quite so frequently though. The only problem is that I can't take anything for it that actually works. Tums? Whatever. At my last doctors appointment I talked to him about this, and he suggested I switch to the liquid antacids, like Mylanta. So I went out and bought myself some of that. It tastes like crap, and I don't think it does anything much either. Unfortunately, my heartburn doesn't seem to be triggered by food or anything like that. My normal non-pregnant heartburn comes for a week or so where I have it all the time, and then goes away for a few weeks. Now it just won't go away.

I'm also sick of my butt hurting. Sometimes I think its my pelvic bones loosening up or something, other times I can tell its my sciatic nerve. In the morning I feel fine, because that big body pillow really makes a huge difference. As I go through the day, my butt and lower back start to get sore. On bad days, I feel like I can barely walk at the end of the day. This comes and goes too, I think depending on where the baby is sitting or something. I had it all last week, but it seems to be tapering off a bit this week.

I'm sick of waking up in the middle of the night. I had been waking up once at about 1-1:30 am and once at about 4 am, which gave me 2 more hours until the alarm went off. For some reason the 4 am wakeup has shifted to 5:30, which is too close to the time the alarm goes off (6 am). If I fall back asleep for 15 minutes, I'm extra-tired when I finally do get up. Argh.

I know these are just your standard pregnancy complaints - I don't have it that bad, really. I mean, my friend had morning sickness through her 6th month. Aimee B. actually HAD gestational diabetes to deal with, instead of just convincing herself that she did. My cousin had tons of problems with her first pregnancy. I'm just feeling whiny. The third trimester is only a week and a half away... ack!

Also, my laptop is experiencing a sympathetic pregnancy - its sleepy, hot and moody. I have a Mac 15" PowerBook G4 that is about a year old. I love it. I would marry it if I could. Except a few days ago it started suddenly putting itself to sleep. That was a little irritating. It happened once or twice every day I've used it since Friday. Its my work computer, so I contacted my Mac support guy, who is the best. But it was over a holiday weekend, so I knew I wouldn't hear from him until yesterday. So I looked on the Apple support pages to see if anyone else was having this problem. It turns out that lots of people are. It seems that a temperature sensor has gone bad and the computer thinks its overheating, so it puts itself to sleep. It seems like the people who were having this problem also started noticing it when the computer was about a year old. Computer guy came up yesterday and checked on that and found that my computer was having the same temperature sensor problem. Hopefully we can get it fixed quickly, but in the meantime I've got to use another computer in the lab. Sniffle.

Also, for a special extra bonus, read the last post in that support thread (at least its the last one right now). That guy needs to unclench. I mean, he's right, but holy crap.


peppersnaps said...

OMG, that guy needs to remove the watermelon from his ass. He must be the computer counterpart to those scientific reviewers who correct the format of the references!

Veronica said...

I swear by my chiropracter (never sure if I've spelled correctly)

I went with my little girl Brooklyn she was a huge baby and the Dr. saved my back!

I swear by my adjustments!