Tuesday, September 05, 2006


1. I beat the last guy!
2. Animal Control came and took the fox, the poor guy was in so much pain (and probably shock) that he didn't even struggle when they tried to catch him. The Animal Control guy was really nice, but still I cried like a baby when he drove away.
3. Roger, Metroid really is the best game series ever (I think Legend of Zelda is a close second). I also have the two GameCube Metroid games (which are first-person shooters that I didn't think I'd like, but I did) and I haven't even GOTTEN to the last guy in either of them, much less beat him.
4. I watched this stupid TV movie on NBC last night, the unauthorized behind-the-scenes look at Different Strokes or something. Ok, actually it was terrible. I mean the acting? OMG. Horrors. But it was interesting anyhow to see what life was like for Gary Coleman (very sick), Todd Bridges (in trouble - but at first not really) and Dana Plato (overdosed). Most interesting to me was the fact that Dana Plato's mother was portrayed as a) absent, b) selfish and c) irresponsible, completely not being a mother to her daughter, who needed one. And subsequently got into serious trouble, and eventually died. It totally reminded me of Dina Lohan, Lindsay's "mom". I think Dana Plato's mother was the Dina Lohan of that generation. And look what happened to Dana Plato!

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Roger said...

That's funny, I didn't think I'd like the GameCube Metroid either because, let's be honest, the real Metroid is a 2-D game. But it was great! I lost many a grad school weekend to that game. That game combined with 48-inch wide screen television....