Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor day - a weekend to work!

Not too much to report from this Labor day weekend, as we worked for half of it. Of course, because we are lame. And Brian has a grant deadline coming up. I didn't work on Sunday actually, just Saturday and Monday... and I followed my traditional 'working on a holiday' rule, which is: I don't mind working, but I sure as hell am not going to wake up early to do so. Of course the cats and dog decided I was waking up at 7am anyhow.

On Saturday morning we went to Raleigh to pick up our crib, which arrived super early (like a month earlier than expected). It has joined the pile of baby stuff currently sitting in our living room. Hopefully we can put it together on our own. Its a Pali crib (but I got it on sale!), and the Baby Bargains book has this to say about Pali:
"Beware of Pali's assembly instructions, which are apparently written in 16th century Latin."

Today when I was at work, Brian called and told me that one of the foxes was sitting in our tomato plants. He and Milo had run across it when they had gone out to pick tomatoes, and it didn't move or run away from them. It has been out there for several hours now. We knew something was wrong with it, but we didn't know what. When I got home, we sat up on the deck where we could see it, and could see that its back leg is broken - like bone-sticking-out-of-leg broken. Poor baby. We called Animal Control, and they're on their way over now. I feel really badly for it, and I'm sure they're going to euthanize it, which makes me even sadder. But I wasn't sure what else to do, and I think this was probably our only option. I feel worse that its been sitting there for so long in such great pain. It took Animal Control an hour to call us back (it is a holiday, after all) and it had been out there for several hours before that. Its funny that all these sick and injured animals end up in our tomato plants though. Thats where we found Cherry too, she was also injured. Of course, we could keep her, unlike the fox.

I was surprised to hear about Steve Irwin this morning, well... okay. More surprised that he didn't meet his untimely demise at the hands of a crocodile. My first thought upon hearing this was that I had to email my friend Kristin. Someone at her work often uses the all-hands email list to send out notes that various people have died. Totally random people too. Her husband (who works with me) forwarded us one of these emails the other week, which was to say that the guy who had taken the Iwo Jima photograph had died. The email had a picture and was written in large blue font. Those are the kind of people who send emails like this I guess, the large blue font kind of people. I don't even know how to do that. Dan called the guy 'the Angel of Death'. So yeah, my first thought was that I had to send her an Angel of Death email in some large colorful font with a sad looking picture. Anyhow, later that day I got an email from another friend who said 'Maybe we should send Kristin an Angel of Death email!' At least I'm not the only weird one.

I've also been working very hard to finish Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, my newest DS game. When I have a baby, I probably won't have as much time for gaming. I'm very nearly done - I just have to beat the last guy. I think I got close once, but I screwed up. I didn't go and collect 100% of the souls though, I'm not that crazy. I always hate the last guy in any game. I can't tell you the number of games that I've given up on before I actually beat the last guy. Okay, I can only think of one right now. Either Metroid: Zero Mission or Metroid: Fusion. I can't remember which... or it might have been both. And I'm sure you care too.


Roger said...

I love Metroid, but I can sympathize if you never could beat the last guy.

Laura said...

To out myself as a total geek... I was shocked and saddened at the death of Steve Irwin.

Adrienne said...

Since you have DS, Trace Memory is a great game. Well, I'm the type that is too uncoordinated to win at Mario. But, if you're fed up with trying to kill people, Trace Memory is more of a mystery-puzzle game. Hope you enjoy it!

Lisa said...

Ooh, thanks for the tip. I hadn't even heard of that one, but I totally just bought it on eBay - I'll let you know how I do!
Also, I'm glad to have found another grown woman with a DS :)