Friday, May 02, 2008

Poor put upon Republicans.

I have been punished for being a Republican and, in particular, not caring about Obama. Because he is here today (well, in Carrboro) and having a rally or something and ARCADE FIRE is playing at it.

I didn't even know about it because - how would I? Boo hoo.

I am in a serious Arcade Fire rut right now, for which I have my friend Kathy to thank. Funeral is such a great album, and 'Neighborhood 1-Tunnels' is in serious, heated competition for Wilco's 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' for best song ever written, ever (so funny too because I'm really not a huge Wilco fan overall, but that song is nearly perfect). Neon Bible is good too but it (except maybe 'Intervention') has not grabbed me in the same way, although Owen quite likes it. He sits in the back of the car and claps all the way through 'Keep the Car Running'.

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Anonymous said...

and it was an INCREDIBLE performance this afternoon. Republicans can vote for Obama, too. call me if you want to convert and I promise I will keep you updated on future events.