Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Win an Ergo

I kind of want an Ergo (a soft carrier), but I haven't spent the money on one. I have a hip carrier that is ALL RIGHT. And was cheap. But someone posted a link to this contest to win an Ergo, and you get a bonus entry if you put a link to the contest on your website!

Win a Free Ergo Baby Carrier from Along for the Ride


Special K said...

My sister has one, and as far I know there are no more baby making plans...can ask her if she wants to get rid of it? She only used it 2 or 3 times....let me know..

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at Becos at all? I have a couple of 4th Generation ones that I love, and still use with Jonathan (who weighs around 24 lbs and is fairly tall). I have been using it since he was about 2 months. I bought an Ergo before he was born, but gave it to Gary to use. You can get returned Ergos for slightly cheaper here: