Monday, April 10, 2006

Another screwed up concert

My friend Sheri and I really suck at going to concerts together. We attempted to see The Bravery a few months ago, only to get there and mistake the second opening act for them and leave just after the Bravery started because it was so late, and I had to give lab meeting the next day (as I do today!). On Friday night we went to see Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie at Duke. The doors opened at 7pm and there was an opening band, so we decided to get there later. You know, these things never start on time, then the opening band takes a while to play and a while longer to dismantle and set up for the next band. We figured that FF wouldn't come on until about 8:30 or even later. We went out to dinner first and got to the concert closer to 9pm. We were standing in a loooooooong line for the bathroom and asked one of the undergrads near us who had already played: Franz Ferdinand, of course. This was who I wanted to see most too. Bugger. Well, that was the most amazingly fast two sets in the entire history of concerts.

We got to see lots of little undergrads who look like they're 12 in relation to our very nearly 31. Death Cab was good, but I'm still bummed that I missed FF.

The rest of the weekend was not too exciting. Brian has installed cabinets in our laundry room and painted it, and he finished that up this weekend. It looks really good, and like an actual room. And yesterday we visited our friends and their new baby.

We're going to Florida this week which I'm looking forward to. Bringing Milo of course so he can meet his girlfriend, my parents new Sheltie, Kelsey. I'm hoping to go kayaking while we're there. We wanted to kayak with alligators in Myakka, but it sounds like its been too dry and the waterways are largely dried up, at least to the point where kayaking would be difficult. My dad said something about a kayak trip through a mangrove swamp which sounds cool. Mangroves make their own little ecosystem. Their roots are like little fish hatcheries. We snorkeled in one on a marine biology trip when I was in college, and it was pretty cool to see all the teeny tiny baby fishies.

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