Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm glad to see that Jessica from GFY has finally broken up with Lindsay Lohan. Its been a long time coming.
Oh, and if you're a girl? and you like shoes? like I do? Take a look at those shoes she's wearing in the 'coming' link. They ARE the cutest shoes EVAH. My mom called me the other day and this post was one of the things she wanted to talk to me about, and we said almost simultaneously how unbelieveably cute those shoes were. I MUST HAVE THEM.

Also, the bluebirds. I haven't checked the nest since the last update, but I need to do it soon. Like tonight. Anyhow, I don't really know what happened to those other eggs. Its a mystery. I noticed the last time I had looked before they hatched that they mother had sorted the eggs out, and the chickadee eggs were kind of pushed off to the side. So its possible that they weren't warm enough and they didn't hatch. I don't THINK she got them out of the nest, at least I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that. So, I'm thinking when the baby bluebirds fledge, we're going to find some nasty old eggs underneath them.

UPDATE: I fixed the link above. Go drool over some shoes!


patientgrl said...

I can't see the shoes! HELP!

Anonymous said...

i did! i did! where can I get them??? (drool)

Special K said...

those shoes are fierce! i did a quick check before i leave work for the day...i don't believe that they're Manolo mary janes because there is a rounded toe in the Lindsey pic. perhaps the Jimmy Choo mary jane? I haven't had the oppertunity to touch those yet so I will investigate further.