Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is for Mel

Mel just posted a list of google searches that bring people to her blog. One of them was 'foam tactile issues'. Well Mel, I think we've found your searcher.


Heidi Ellis said...

Holy crap. No one can ever make fun of me for having a fear of bees. Ever. Again.

My favorite moment in that clip is when she's running away and Tyra is running after her.

Btw, I posted. AGAIN! Can you believe it?

patientgrl said...

Praise Jesus! She has become one with the styrofoam.

Veronica said...

Is this women FOR REAL!? What has got me baffled is what happened to this crazy lady to make her fear styrofoam. Many of fear spiders or heights or UNEXPECTED IN-LAW VISITS, but foam. Sheer madness!