Monday, April 24, 2006

Bring on the fakeness

They have this new yogurt now, Activia, which is advertised to 'help naturally regulate your digestive system'. God knows I could use a bit of help regulating my digestive system, so that I do not have to become so familiar with all of the public restrooms on my way to work, and/or within a 20 mile radius of wherever I am at any moment. Of course I picked this up as soon as I saw it at the store.
I've had these 8 little cups for about three weeks now and I've still got two left (even though you're specifically told to eat it EVERY DAY by the annoying girl on the commercial) because it tastes kind of icky to me. I cannot put my finger on what part of it I don't like, but there's something. I was thinking that perhaps it was these beneficial 'live, active cultures' and 'bifidus regularis' that I wasn't nuts about, but I really think these same things are in EVERY yogurt, and that Dannon is just marketing their fancy bacteria.
Upon further reflection, I think its probably just that I don't like regular yogurt. Real yogurt. I'm so all about that non-fat, no-sugar blended yogurt that I'm no longer able to tolerate real yogurt with real fat and real sugar in it. Come to think of it, I feel the same way about peanut butter. You're all going to think I'm crazy, but I don't like regular PB anymore - I eat the reduced fat crunchy Jif, and now regular PB seems tooooooo goooooooey. We got some regular once to like, bait mousetraps or something, but we ended up throwing it out when our mouse problem subsided because no one would eat it.

Doing my 'bifidus regularis' research for this entry, I read in wikipedia that:

"Opinion is divided about the benefits of live yoghurts - while some consumers seem to gain relief from using this product, others see results from no change to chronic diarrhea."

Which doesn't seem sooo helpful for me. So I guess I won't feel as bad when I switch back to the fake stuff.


Heidi Ellis said...

Is it bad that when I first saw Activa I immediately thought of you? :)

Also, live and active cultures are in most yogurts. It should say it on the side of the yogurt container.

Anonymous said...

switch to the all natural peanut butter. the one that says "ingredients: peanuts". it'll make you feel like a real man.