Friday, April 21, 2006

Suri about that...

Well, Tom and Katie finally had their fake, alien baby. In keeping with celebrity tradition, they gave their new daughter some ridiculous name - Suri. Ok, its not as ridiculous as Apple or Moses (geez Gwyneth) or Pilot Inspektor (but I also love that Grandaddy song, and in fact that whole album. Go listen to it!). But still.
Suri is suppossed to mean 'Princess' in Hebrew and 'Red Rose' in Persian. One friend of mine said that "in Gaelic, Suri means 'one who is screwed from being born to weird parents'." Hee. Actually, I have a friend in the lab who is from Iran and is thus a native Persian speaker. I asked her what Suri meant. She looked it up and found that it meant 'One who enjoys feasting; a hanger-on'. This is not quite 'red rose' and actually not quite good either. Well done, freaks.

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