Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Field Guide to Sweaterboy

I haven't posted about Sweaterboy in a while, because he hasn't done anything any stranger than normal. That is... until now.
My lab mate said that last night she had had to come back into the lab. When she was right out in front of work, she saw a guy wearing shorts and no t-shirt, pulling a rollerboard suitcase behind him. Huh? I mean, when do you need a rollerboard? When you're traveling. But who travels shirtless? So, she was intrigued... and a closer look revealed that said weirdo was in fact Sweaterboy.

I'm really struggling to explain what the whole point of this is. Apparently this isn't the first time he's been spotted doing this - I don't know where I was when the first person told her story though, because I would have remembered that for SURE. Obviously I was out of town or something. Its really surprising because usually Sweaterboy is so overdressed for the weather. I mean, I don't know if you've heard? But its HOT here. Holy crap. This does not deter him from wearing jeans, a polo or t-shirt, and a sweater. So I'm surprised that in the after-hours he'd go practically naked. Also, whats in the rollerboard? I guess its probably the sweater and jeans of that day, but still, this is so bizarre.


Laura said...

Maybe he goes to the gym or runs after work and his work clothes are in the bag? Does seem excessive though to carry your work clothes in a suitcase.

Heidi Ellis said...

I love you, Laura. You always think the best of people.

I was thinking more on the lines of bodies carried in the bag, but hey I'm just not as nice sometimes. ;)

Kendra said...

crazy psychopath!! Lisa, you are with child, please stay away from the deranged nerd. Even if he is a great curiosity. did you watch Project Runway last night? who got offed? i fell asleep.

Lisa said...

I don't get freaking Bravo, so I'll be watching it tonight on iTunes. I'll let you know!