Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've finally made it.

Remember how Melissa used to get people finding her blog by searching for 'candid braless'? People don't find my blog with such exciting and illicit searches. I get the people looking for 'girls wearing flip-flops' or how to make a sidecar. Until now!

One little post about my ultrasound, and I start to get all the freaks! This week I've had:
Someone in Chesapeke, VA found my blog searching for 'picture of a little penis'
Someone in Williamsburg, VA found my blog searching for '"bachelorette" "uncircumcised"'

Hm. Actually its just people in Virginia. Well, all right then.


peppersnaps said...

ooo, how do you find that out? (ie: what terms people are querying to find your blog)

Lisa said...

put a sitemeter on your page. go here to sign up. it will then explain to you how to put it on your blog. then you can watch your traffic and see where people came from.

peppersnaps said...

Ah, very cool, thanks!