Friday, July 28, 2006

News flash

We interrupt your Herryn's wedding coverage for an important news flash:

We're having a boy! And he seems to have all his parts! He even moves and opens his mouth which, a little bit freaky to see actually. How can there be something in there as big as a large banana, moving (!) and i can't really even feel it?? Holy crap.

He was not shy at all about showing us. The U/S tech said he really wanted us to know, he made it easy! Now we have a picture of a little penis with a big word and arrow pointing to it: 'BOY'.


Heidi Ellis said...

Hahaha, you should post the picture! Congratulations by the way, even though I already told you. :) I'm super psyched about the boy.

turducken said...

How exciting!

Aimee said...

Congratulations! We saw a similar penis/testicles ultrasound, but the tech didn't print it out for us. It was pretty amazing to see, and very clear that it was a boy. From a completely biased source, boys are wonderful. :-)

peppersnaps said...

Yay -- congratulations!

Please post the pic! :)

Laura said...

Congratulations, Lisa and Brian! Little boys are so fun!!

patientgrl said...

Can we see this ultrasound or what?! Congratulations Lisa and Brian.

kristin said...


your first decision as parents of a boy:
circumcise or not?

(it just gets better from there).