Tuesday, July 18, 2006

If only I knew how to do bullet points in my blog.

This lady crazy. Its probably because telemarketers ruptured her appendix.

Astute reader Becky has pointed out to me that NBC is airing Project Runway on Monday nights. Although I really enjoy watching the eps in a small window on my computer screen while sitting in the fairly uncomfortable chair in the den, I think I'm going to tune in!

I think I might be able to feel the baby. I'm not really sure, but I keep feeling these twingey feelings in my lower abdomen in the morning when I'm laying down. Its a new thing, so I'm guessing thats what it is. Still, its not really super earth-shattering just yet, and also doesn't feel as much like the movie 'Alien' as I had anticipated.

Er... thats it.


Adrienne said...

I tuned in to Project Runway last night, only to find out it's a rerun of what Bravo showed last week (Wednesdays @ 10 pm). Of course, if you missed it on Bravo then you can catch up on Monday. But what was with the basket hat? I loved the dress with the coffee filters on it.

And, from what I heard from mamapants, the twinge you feel is your young'n! Congrats!

Karl Broman said...

How about this:

o Here's one bullet
o And here's another

Lisa said...

we don't even get bravo in durham, which is a TRAVESTY. same cable company in chapel hill broadcasts bravo, they just don't love us here.

last year i watched the eps i could buy from the itunes store (though this didn't start until fairly late in the season) and read the recaps on most loved website, TWoP

the basket hat was crazy, as is that guy. he is totally going to go postal on the rest of the designers in the group projects. i can just see that coming. i liked the coffee filters dress, but i really liked the one from kayne, the dolly parton loving pageant dress designer. it was beige and red and had those red swirly things on the back. he's totally my fave so far!

also, malan is going to drive me insane with his fake-ass british accent, i can just tell. he's going to be this seasons santino. except that at least santino was entertaining and did not grate on the last nerve. mostly.

Lisa said...

karl, you are an evil genius.

Kendra said...

don't believe anyone but me on this Lisa..you know I'd never lead you astray. what you are feeling right now, the twingy thing? that IS the alien feeding off your vital life well!!! and if you decide to breast feed (no, I don't want to know) I hope you are aware that's how the alien rids you of any need for having fun that you may ever experience. ever. I'm sorry. It's true. I'll see you Thurs. we'll talk more then. shhhh, it can hear you.