Sunday, July 16, 2006


We hear all kinds of strange conversations at work. I'm sure people who overhear the lunch conversations I'm having also think they're a little odd. Once we were talking about a baby shower and someone suggested chugging beer out of baby bottles. The guy sitting next to us said "I want to go to your parties!".
At work the other week, we were eating lunch outside and my friend Sheri said "Hm. That guy over there is apparently uncircumcised, which I really didn't want to know, but he just said it really loudly to everyone else he is sitting with." We didn't know this guy, but we'd see him around and say to each other "There's the uncircumcised guy!". On Friday, we were sitting out there again at a big picnic table, waiting for our other (slow) friend. The uncircumcised guy came out the door and down the stairs and I told Sheri he was coming. Then he came and asked if he could sit with us. Awkward! So he, and later, his friend (who I had met before) sat with us and chatted. And the whole time, really, all I could think about was that I knew the status of his foreskin.
We had another interesting conversation with these guys about surf and turf. The uncircumcised guy, I should have guessed, is foreign - from Argentina. I think. Actually, I forget. He just did not understand the concept behind surf and turf dinners, as he didn't really think that the flavors of beef and seafood went together particularly well. I'm a vegetarian, I have no freaking idea. Apparently though, he did think that seafood + bacon was okay. Again, I'm a vegetarian, but I'd have to agree that bacon makes everything better. In my case however, its Veggie Breakfast Strips. Anyhow, he likened the surf and turf combination to something unusual: "Its like thinking, "Hm. I want some bananas and pate."

Also overheard right now (at least by me) is the England v Pakistan cricket match. Brian is (obviously, I still am completely confused by cricket) listening to it over the BBC Sport website. The commentators are seriously crazy. I mean, they'll chatter on about anything. A few minutes ago they were telling us about some pigeons flying around over the cricket pitch, and also about exactly how many players were still wearing sweaters. Oh wait: just now, they're talking in great detail about a couple of fruitcakes that are there in the commentators booth. And I don't mean 'crazy people', I mean actual cakes. A fruitcake and a Victoria Sponge, whatever that is. Listening to cricket completely removes the main reason I would try to watch it in the first place, and that is: hot cricketers. In fact, pretty much everything I ever learned about cricket, I learned from playing this game during the Ashes a few years ago.

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