Friday, July 07, 2006

Emmy voters were smoking crack!

I'd like to add my own voice to the chorus of voices saying, "What the hell was up with the Emmy voters this year?"

No Lost for best drama? Are you kidding me? They WON last year, and were not even nominated this year (actually, as E! pointed out, many of last years winners in big categories were not nominated this year, which is a little bit odd). Lost is the best show on television, for sure. Like many people, I also thought Desperate Housewives sucked this season, but probably not worse than Two and a Half Men. And I don't hate that show either (I didn't say I liked it though).

We loved Arrested Development, which was nominated for best comedy series (an award it has won in the past, despite the fact that no one watched it and it eventually got cancelled). Happy about that, and happy that Will Arnett (Gob) was nominated, because he's great. But bummed that no one else from this series was nominated, because Jason Bateman? Is fantastic. And so is the mother. Ok, they're all great. I'll miss that show. Sniffle. But I did get all the DVDs (which Brian has obsessively been watching these last few weeks).

Also, I did love Desmond on Lost, so good for him to get nominated for something like 'guest actor in a drama series', but to nominate him over Fake Henry Gale? Come on.

Finally, The Amazing Race will hopefully continue its run of winning the reality category, as it has done (I think) every year since that category started. But, I'm also a big fan of Project Runway (not that Time Warner Cable will broadcast that channel in its Durham viewing area, for reasons completely beyond my comprehension).


Heidi Ellis said...

Ok and I watch too much tv? ;) I have seen absolutley none of those shows and didn't even know the emmy nominations were upon us!

Lisa said...

Well, I never said that I wasn't addicted to TV. Anyhow, I'm not in the summer because everything is crap.