Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Escape from North Dakota - part I.

This weekend we flew up to Grand Forks, North Dakota for Herryn's wedding. It was super exciting. A round-up:

Our flight out of RDU on Thursday was delayed, but it didn't really matter too much because we had a 4.5 hour layover in Minneapolis. We met up with another Grand Forks bound traveler on that flight who missed his GF connection and ended up on the same flight as us. He treated us to lunch on his expense account. I've gotta chat more with random strangers at the airport!

There had been a bridal shower that afternoon that I'd missed, but we got there in time for the "bachelorette/bachelor party" at "Herryn's Bar" (obvy, its not really called that - she frequented this bar in her years as a 'local WDAZ personality', and this is where she and Matt met. Matt is significantly younger than us, and we like to tease them about this. So, all I'll say here is that its lucky Matt had a fake ID back in those days. Ha. Ok, I'm just kidding. He had probably just turned 21. Hee. Ok, really, I'm done now. This was the first time I'd seen many of the other bridesmaids for a while. Erin (who is about 3 wks more pregnant than I am) and I haven't seen each other since sophomore year of high school, Nanette (Herryn's sister) not since Herryn's law school graduation about 7 years ago, and Kendra since our 10 year high school reunion a few years ago. So, that was fun.

Nanette and Kendra made pink ribboned cowboy hats for the bride and maids, but no strippers (much to the dismay of the non-wedding related women at the bar). Brian and I didn't stay too long because I was tired and it was pretty smoky.

The next day was busy with pre-wedding events. We had a bridesmaids luncheon at Suite 49, which was located right near the crazy Ralph Engelstad Arena. The guy we met at the airport had told us about it, that it had granite floors and leather seats throughout. Also, I sort of love that its website is 'theralph.com'.

It was a nice chance to catch up with everyone and meet some of Herryn and Matt's relatives. And, unlike at my wedding, no one was too hungover to attend. Ha. I guess we're all grown ups now. Also, it doesn't hurt to have half the bridal party pregnant.
That night we drove out to Gentilly, MN for the wedding rehearsal. Both of Herryn's parents grew up in this area, and the wedding was at the church Herryn's dad went to (and his family for many, many years before that). These pictures don't do it justice, but the church was really pretty, and went along nicely with Herryn's pink theme. It was a longish drive out there from GF (about 50 minutes) but it was worth it.

However, no A/C. Luckily this wasn't a full Catholic mass, and the b'maids got to sit down for a while. Otherwise, I think I might have keeled over. Then it was back to GF for the rehearsal dinner, at the Best Western.

Wedding day started off with hair, makeup and lunch at a local salon. Herryn's hair looked great, very classic. Most of the maids (those with long enough hair) went for updos. Here's Nanette getting her hair sewed up (literally, they sewed her hair up in the back, which was kind of crazy) and Kendra getting her makeup done.

Also, the back of my hair.

As a side note, the morning of the wedding I was putting my hair up to get in the shower when I noticed that I'd suddenly sprouted a beard. The hell? The fine, soft hairs on my chin and back by my ears have completely overgrown. Although, this is obviously baby-related, I was still a bit horrified. I had a little trimmer thing with me that I use to trim my eyebrows, so I tried to get Brian to shave all this hair off so I wouldn't look like the Amazing Bearded Lady. He wouldn't do it as he was afraid he'd shave off something I had meant to keep. So Kendra and I had a little bonding experience where she shaved my face. I can see from this picture that it has also creeped down the back of my neck. It figures, I'd get an abnormal facial hair overgrowth when I'm pregnant instead of something useful, like super-luxurious hair.
After we finished up at the salon, we took a limo out to the church where we finished getting ready.

Wait for Part II tomorrow when I have more time to finish. My mom is coming in this afternoon for my big ultrasound, which is tomorrow! Dun dun duuuuunnnnn....!


Kendra said...

So sorry to hear that you got stuck in "grand" forks an extra night. i had such a great time! good luck with the ultrasound!

Heidi Ellis said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Everyone looked very pretty.

I'm anxious to hear about the results of the ultrasound.

Laura said...

Good luck with the ultrasound! Love your hair!

Veronica said...

Hey we had our ultrasounds on the same day, but i bet your husband didn't forget the appt! No worries though, I'll keep him.

Things did work out in Matt's favor because we've decided for the the surprise option although b/c of his absentmindedness I felt a strong urge to find out on my own but I did do it.

Luckily, my doctor said even if I wanted to tell you in your moment of weakness I cannot. The baby must have know to keep it's legs just so.

Well hope your baby was not as bashful!