Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ed v. Spencer

We're a little bit addicted to BBC America. One thing that bugs me about it though is that I don't feel that they're very good at promoting shows. Like, Coupling (UK version, of course. The US version blew). Their commercials for Coupling made it seem totally stupid, so we didn't watch it. I happened to catch one episode about halfway through and I was completely in hysterics. We ended up watching all of the eps and buying the DVDs, we liked it so much.
A new example of this is a show called Ed vs. Spencer. Again, from the commercials it seems really awful. I can't remember why we even ended up DVRing it in the first place, but we did for some reason. It is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. These two guys (who are suppossedly friends, although sometimes I can't see how this could be) battle each other in totally inane challenges. Last night we watched 'Who do women like better?', 'Who can stay handcuffed the longest?' and 'Who can stay in the woods the longest?' I know. It sounds stupid. You're just going to have to trust me. The interaction between the two is the funniest part, although usually I want to kill Ed, who is a total cheater. Its also interesting to see the approach each guy takes to the problem. In 'Who can gain the most weight?' Spencer went the way of bulking up at the gym and eating tons of protein, while Ed completely pigged out on junk (to the point where he brought one of those rotisseries that cook the big thing of gyro meat into the living room, so that he could sit practically motionless on the couch and scrape off chunks of gyro meat). Spencer won, by a lot, just in case you ever need to gain a lot of weight quickly. Anyhow, it really is a funny show, so give it a chance if you get BBC America, even though their commericals for it make it look like a complete waste of time.


Keith said...

I only saw the end of that EdvSpencer show. I had no idea what the show was about but I saw them in the woods and enjoyed how they settled the bet in a resturant after the loser had not eaten for 2 days.

Now I know, Thank You,


Lisa said...

yeah, whoever loses has to endure some sort of humiliation at the end. now you have to watch it!

Heidi Ellis said...

I watched the one about which one kids like best. It was pretty funny, although I feel I might not have seen the funniest one. I have it set up for a series recording though.