Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pregnant or hitting the ice cream a little too hard?

This morning Brian and I went to Bruggers' Bagel shop before work - if I'm going to go into work on Saturday, I need a bagel and chai tea to sweeten the deal. When we went to sit down, there was a little girl (uh.... 3-ish?) and her father sitting nearby. The little girl kept saying to me 'You have a baby in your belly!'. Her father didn't really look up, but I'm guessing he was thinking 'Please, please, let her be pregnant and not just fat.'

When you're pregnant, all these things are going on with your body that you're not familiar with. Its kind of crazy. But we have all these books (not to mention the internet) that try to explain to you what is going on, so I feel pretty educated. Maybe too educated, because I find that I am also able to convince myself that something terrible is wrong with me. About 6 weeks ago I was sure I had an incompetent cervix. I was feeling some unfamiliar pains, so rather than conclude that it was stretching ligaments or something, I decided it was an incompetent cervix. Which is pretty rare. Anyhow, that obviously wasn't true. This week it was gestational diabetes. I've been concerned about that because we have a family history of type II diabetes and other blood sugar issues (one risk factor for GD) and i was a little overweight before i got pregnant (another risk factor, although I'm guessing they really mean being significantly overweight). I was really, deathly thirsty earlier in the pregnancy, around the time the books said that your blood volume was increasing dramatically. So that made sense. Then last week I was really thirsty again for a few days. Obviously I had GD. So I made my first rather panicked phone call to the OB nurse. She reassured me that I was fine, and probably going through a growth spurt. Phew. I hadn't had any unusual results on any of my tests so far or the size of the baby, which are two indicators of GD. So, again, I'm just crazy. At least for now. I've got my regularly scheduled glucose tolerance test in another month.


Annie said...

When I first experienced those lovely ligament pains, I somehow convinced myself that I had an ectopic pregnancy. This was after an ultrasound wherein everything was completely fine. These babies, they make you all kinds of crazy!

Aimee said...

The problem with GD is that the symptoms (thirsty, pee a lot) are the same symptoms as pregnancy. Good luck with the glucose test--I was pricking my finger 4x day for the last 3 months. Not fun. :-(