Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pictures of Studs Chadwick

Okay folks, brace yourselves. We've got photo proof that an alien is living inside of me.
Here's the BOY picture I was telling you about.

Here's a picture of the baby's head in profile.

Here's a similar profile shot, but the baby's MOUTH IS OPEN. Holy crap. It moves. Also, you can see a hand near its head (towards the top - left side) in this one.

Here's a picture of its feet.

And here's a totally freaky picture of its face from the front.


Heidi Ellis said...

Thanks for posting them! They look awesome, but you're right, that last one is just a little frightening.

Kendra said...


patientgrl said...'ve got a baby inside you. Mind blowing.

peppersnaps said...

Holy crap that last one is crazy! But so freakin cool. :)

turducken said...

I'm glad someone can interpret those, because they just look like blurs to me! But then that's why someone gets paid money to do those sorts of things.