Sunday, August 13, 2006

Spitty snorgle

Thus far, Milo (the dog) has been a bit of an outcast among the pets in the family. Cherry tries to be his friend, chasing him around and rubbing her head against him, but mostly just seems to be afraid of her. He sits there while she's rubbing up against him with a look on his face like 'If I don't move, maybe she will think I'm just a piece of furniture and go away.'

This morning I was on the computer and Jasmine (the new kitten) jumped up onto the desk to 'help'. She was partially soaked. Half of her head and some of her back was all wet, and I couldn't figure out why. Tonight, while I was getting dinner ready, I figured it out.

Apparently Milo likes one of the cats!
Look, she's completely covered with dog spit.

(Oh also, yes, I totally need to vacuum. Love the black rug and all, but with 4 cats and a long-haired dog? Vacuuming can be a full time job.)


Roger said...

Wow, that is one wet cat. I didn't realize dogs could have so much slobber!

patientgrl said...

Have you seen this? Something our friend Stephen Colbert advertised on his show last night: