Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shampoo myths?

The Consumerist linked to this 'Ask Metafilter' post about shampoos. Do all the different, fancy shampoos really make any difference?

Several people mentioned one that I also think makes a difference: The Brilliant Brunette line from John Frieda. I love John Frieda anyhow, because he brings me Extra Strength Frizz-eaze. I don't know what I would do without Frizz-eaze. I used to use Brilliant Brunette, and I also noticed that it made a big difference in the shinyness of my hair. I've been using the Radiant Redhead lately, just to keep my red color from fading so fast, but I don't think its quite as good as the Brilliant Brunette.

Another hair products thing that I've noticed is the utility of the repeat step in 'Lather, Rinse, Repeat'. I try to skip at least one day in between washing my hair because it really isn't good for your hair to wash it every day - especially if its already all dried out from coloring it. By the end of the second day my hair would start to look and feel greasy. Now I wash twice before I condition. It makes a big difference. My hair looks fine on the second day, and I can even skip another day if I want. I always thought this was a ploy on the part of the shampoo manufacturers to get to you use more shampoo, but I really think it makes a difference (one you wouldn't notice if you always wash every day). I also heard this as a tip from some hair stylist or something, which is why I started trying it. I also heard that it helps to make sure your hair is really wet before you start lathering - most of us don't get our hair wet enough before we put the shampoo in and it isn't as effective. I do notice that on the second wash, its a lot easier to distribute the shampoo throughout my hair, and I'm guessing that this is why. Either that, or it lathers better when you have less build-up in your hair.


Heidi Ellis said...

I love Brilliant Brunette. In fact I've run out and I'm picking up more today.

I've never done the rinse repeat thing. Maybe I'll try it, although I wash my hair every day and I don't seem to have a problem with it. I used to wash it every other day when I colored it, but now it's pretty much my normal color.

kendra said...

i see plenty of thought has gone into this. i like aveda blue malva.

Adrienne said...

If you're going to wash your hair twice and it's processed (and gets greasy at the roots and dry everywhere else), I would suggest shampooing the roots only. When you rinse it out, the rest of your hair will get the suds running through it.

John Frieda is the MAN! I also use the finishing creme and the color glaze/rinse.