Wednesday, July 27, 2005

1 month gym hiatus = big fat bastard

Last night was my first time back at step class after my defense/vacation gym hiatus. I'm so out of shape. Holy crap. I thought I might die. I had to take the risers out of the step about halfway through the class. Its amazing what one month can do to you.

Today was an exciting day. First, I made an exciting online purchase that I cannot disclose right now. Its a birthday present for my dad, who turns 60 in August. And I know he reads the blog sometimes. Second (and in fact, right when I was making the exciting purchase), my cell phone rang and it was Cooch and Little Joe, who are friends from college. I just saw Cooch when I was in Clevo for my defense, but I haven't seen Joe for several years. Anyhow. Cooch says "Hey, you live in Durham, right? We're on I-85 right now." Of course. I was worried that he had told me that he was driving through town when we were at the Barking Spider with everyone the night after my defense. I had drunk many beers, maybe I forgot. But no, this was in fact a spontaneous visit. Anyhow, they were driving down to Hotlanta, as Joe and family are relocating there from Rhode Island (State bird, the Rhode Island Red). So we went out for coffee.

Now that the court date for my airport-speeding-ticket is approaching, I have begun getting like five letters a day from local traffic court attorneys. It makes me feel popular. And, then I get to throw them away. Ambulance chasers of the traffic court world. There are also ambulance chasers of the real estate world, which I wasn't aware of. As soon as we took the house off the market we started getting phone calls from other realtors asking if we'd like to list our property with them. My popularity is apparently not limited to junk mail! It transcends many forms of junk communication.

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special k said...

this slowing of the metabolism sucks! i can't skip even one day of jogging without my ass becoming gelatinous.