Friday, July 08, 2005

Last few days of vacation have been spent in a whirlwind of shopping. Melissa came up from Boston and stayed overnight. We have an H&M at the mall here, which I don't have anywhere else and thus have only been in once. Love it! Although I am looking for a wedding outfit, I bought a denim skirt instead. Close. Also we hit the SUPER MARSHALLS. Which is super. Yesterday Mel and my mom and I went up to Londonderry where there is both a TJ Maxx and a Marshalls in close proximity. Although I must have tried on 30+ items I left only with a box of notecards. Thats the thing about these stores. You have to try on in volume to get anywhere.

I'll be heading down to Boston on Saturday to stay with Matt and Mel for the night which will be fun. I haven't been to Boston forever. My dad and I are hoping to fly down to Nantucket early next week before I return to NC. If the weather cooperates. I have never been to Nantucket.

Not much else to report. Brian is experiencing the all-Milo-all-the-time that I would get when I was staying at home working. Milo wants your attention at every moment, so you cannot go anywhere without him following you like a shadow. Since I am gone, Brian is also eating lots of meat. He's had burgers practically every night from the sound of it. I don't prohibit him from eating meat or anything, so its not like he couldn't have real burgers normally. I guess when I'm around though he doesn't mind eating vegetarian.

Oh also. Beauty and the Geek finale was a travesty. I hate Chuck. Arrogant Chuck. I also was not too much of a fan of irritating Richard. I guess this is why they are considered "Geeks" - no social skills whatsoever. Only Chuck thought he had them. Anyhow. I liked Richard's teammate so I wanted them to win when faced with this choice between my two least favorite Geeks. Alas, no.
And, Dancing with the Stars finale was good. Kelly did a great job so go her. I wish that Kelly/John O'Hurley/Joey MacIntyre/Rachel Hunter could have all won, because all four were good. John O'Hurley's freestyle dance was boring though, so I thought given that Kelly deserved to win. He could have done so much better.
Also caught Mel up on Lost so hopefully I have made a convert. Its such a good show.

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