Friday, July 15, 2005

I am so never flying USAir again.

Flying on USAir was a complete and utter disaster from start to finish. The trip from CLE-MHT? Disaster involving not arriving at MHT until after midnight. The trip from MHT-RDU? Two disaster-filled days of disaster. Yesterday I went back to MHT to try to fly out again. The flight to DC was delayed. They said our connections would be fine though. Well, not so much. When I got inside I had missed the flight by like half an hour. Brian of course did not get my messages and went to the airport to pick me up at 3:30. The man does not turn his cell phone on, EVER. He got the science geek gene, thats for sure. But obviously missed the tech-geek gene. Sooo. When was the next connecting flight? Oh... 5 and a half hours later. Of course. So at this point I was exhausted and moody and went up to the USAir club to see if they would be nice and offer me a more comfortable place to wait my seccond day of 5+ hours due to their apparent scheduling incompetance (no other airlines going to the same airports were delayed, just USAir!). No. They would not. They wanted me to pay 25 bucks for a day pass. She said (rather snottily) that their MEMBERS pay $375 a year for the privledge. I was like, I paid over 200 bucks for this plane ticket and I've had close to 15 hours of extra waiting in the airport as a result. I could have DRIVEN. To NEW HAMPSHIRE. So at this point I start sobbing. Remember, very tired. And wanting to get home. Also, who knows. Maybe I have PMS. Anyhow. Sobbing. In the airport, like a fool. Then I started reading to get my mind off it, but I kept thinking about the whole scene in the Club and start crying again. It was great. Then I was sitting there and I heard them announcing the final boarding call for another flight to Raleigh, which they had not even MENTIONED to me. Perhaps it was booked, but I would have tried to get on standby. I was REALLY annoyed about that. After three hours (and a little bit calmer) I decided to go to the bar, where I drank a beer and ate cheesesticks and read my book (now reading "The Broker" by John Grisham, which is actually interesting and readable, unlike "The Last Juror" which I read on the way out. The Worst Book EVAH!). A girl was waiting for a table and I asked if she wanted to join me, which she did. So we had fun chatting. Like me, she was also a poser punk/goth chick while in middle school. Wanting to be punk/goth but not able to commit to the black outfits and pale skin. Hee. Luckily this took my mind off of my misery so I didn't even start sobbing again when they FURTHER DELAYED my flight for an hour and a half. Finally I got home at 11:30 last night. Blah.

USAir was terrible though. Every flight delayed. I used to fly Continental all the time (in the mice in Cleveland, Lisa in NC days) and had no problems. Not one. USAir? Every single flight. Misery. You would think that customer service would dictate that you are at least polite to the customers you screw. But not even a teeny bit. Don't even bother to tell me about earlier flights so I can just GET HOME. I hated them.

Although, we had a flight attendant on the MHT-DC leg that was absolutely hilarious and I loved him. So very funny and nice and helpful. So evidence that not all USAir employees suck. Oh wait. That was operated by one of those other regional airlines. So he probably WASN'T a USAir employee. I see. It all makes sense now.


Heidi Ellis said...

That's awful. :( By the way, all of Matt's problems were on USAir as well. He hates them. So now you two have another bond besides Metroid.

Kendra said...

Dr. Lisa- I am so sorry that you had such a miserable time. All the crying almost make me cry.