Monday, July 18, 2005

Jude Law falls off the list

Now Jude Law has skeeved me out to the point where he is no longer on my 'list' (of celebrities that I would fleetingly consider running off with if asked, and that Brian would have to forgive). Herryn and I spent hours devoted to creating and debating these lists on our marathon drive from Clevo -> NH, when we drove out together for my wedding.

I can't even remember who was on the original list anymore; its a revolving list. I'm pretty sure though that Anderson Cooper was there, unless the 'newsman' position was then occupied by Antonio Mora? Also Ewan McGregor would have been a sure thing (and remains on the list, 5 years later). Hm... I might have to give this some additional thought.

(Don't worry, Brian has a similar, however probably not as well-thought-out list, primarily made up of Jennifer Connelly and Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Well anyhow, Jude Law and his first wife got divorced. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He got engaged to Sienna Miller who otherwise would not be anywhere on my celebrity radar, except for the fact that she appears quite often on the Fug blog. And now, 6 months after getting engaged he's been forced to admit that he was having an affair with his nanny. Nice. I think celebrities must significantly decrease the average #-of-years-married for the US because they all suck so much at it.

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