Thursday, July 14, 2005

Remember how I was suppossed to be home yesterday?

Yeah, not so much. My trip has been filled with bad travel experiences. On the way out here our flight from Cleveland to Phila. was delayed for several hours (including 2 just sitting on the tarmac in Phila, thus I missed my connection to Manch-vegas, thus my new connecting flight arrived to Manchester at just after midnight. Thus, I didn't get home until 1 am.
Yesterday my flight from MHT-LaGuardia was suppossed to leave at 2:10, but by 6:15 we were still on the ground and expecting another 'update' at 7:15. I would have safely missed my connection in LGA if it had not already been cancelled. I was booked on a later flight to Raleigh, but it was looking like I wasn't going to make that one either. So I got rebooked on a flight this morning and came back to my parents. We have a wedding to attend on Saturday; lucky I left myself a travel mishap cushion of a few days. My mom picked me up in my dad's toy car (Corvette) because the real car was in the shop. We couldn't get the trunk open so we had to hoist my suitcase over the front seat into the very small trunk.

The rest of my trip was fun. I went to Boston to visit Matt and Melissa. Much gin was drunk. We went to Southie to visit her brother (also Matt. Matt II) and his wife Alicia. We walked all around Boston that day. Of course, I was not prepared for this and was wearing heels. So... a little painful. By the end of the day each step felt like knives were being stabbed into the balls of my feet. Mel was also wearing heels so we were unhappy. Matt and Alicia? Flipflops. We walked all the way to Charlestown (from the North End, not from Southie) to go to Coldstone Creamery. I'm sorry. Bayly, I know you love this place. But I'm not that enthused. I've tried it twice. I think my tastebuds are spoiled because I grew up on Kopp's frozen custard. Mmm. Macadamia nut day. My mom and I would drive up specifically for Macadamia nut custard day.

Also my dad and I flew out to Nantucket for the afternoon. I've never been there. Its cute. Lots of shops. We had lunch at this place on the water. The Rope Hook? I don't remember. Anyhow. The bartender looked so familiar but I couldn't place him. I was like, did we go to school together? Hm. So I finally asked the waitress his name, and she said he was Ben Sands, and that he had been on The Bachelorette. Aha!!! I remember I liked him. It was the Jen Schefft version. She's also an Alpha Xi Delta by the way. TFJ Jen! So I took some stalker-type photos of him with my new digital camera (graduation gift from wonderful husband!!) to send to Becky.
Flight was fun too. On the way out we flew over Boston, on the way back we were diverted over to Bedford out of the major traffic zone for BOS. I took some decent pics from the air, perhaps will post them when i get back. If I ever get back.


Heidi Ellis said...

What's up with travel lately? Matt had quite a few problems recently as well.

Anyway, since you're still here, wanna help me pack? Hahaha.

Angela said...