Monday, July 18, 2005

The Musical Taste Project

First: Wow! Three posts in one day!! Its because I'm cleaning up and typing up protocols etc., so = easily distracted.

Second: Ok. So I remember when I was younger I couldn't understand why my parents listened to the 'Oldies' station (even though I know all the words to the Oldies - blame it on the many hours in the car with one of the parents en route to the many music lessons, rehersals, etc) when there was all this great music on the radio! In the last few years, I have realized that my taste in music (like many of my friends) has essentially not changed a bit since I was in college (which was what, 8 years ago?). It has evolved a little bit, but only when bands break up or people go solo. For example, love for Pavement in college has translated into love for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks now. Love for Blur has expanded into love for Gorillaz. Etc. etc. Brian and Martin injected a little more Brit-pop influence, but Brian doesn't listen to anything but NPR anymore, so there's nothing new. I haven't listened to the radio in eons, so I don't hear anything new that way. When I was in NH on vacay I listened to WFNX and that helped a little, but I don't remember what I heard. Ack.

Now with the advent of iTunes, I can download new stuff easily. Melissa made some suggestions when I was at home to start with. So now my request is that you all please leave me some suggestions in my comments. Please help me get my musical taste out of my early 20s.


cooch said...

i just got the self titled "hot action cop" (see - kinda metal rap but not really. can't get it out of my head.

also death cab for cutie - "transatlanticism" ( - mellow alternative

and modest mouse ( - kinda in the middle, a few mellow songs, but overall more melodic raging/screaming stuff. i liked "good news for people who love bad news" and "the moon and antarctica"

there are demo songs on each of the websites. enjoy!

Becky said...

You're not missing much on the radio - ClearChannel has taken over the world and has the same 5 crappy songs in permanent rotation on every station.
Some of my suggestions (in alphabetical order, based on the musical taste I have stolen from my ex-boyfriend):
The Black Keys
The Killers
The Shins

Lisa said...

You know, I would really like to like Interpol. I would. But I cannot. And I know I'm getting old because when I tried to articulate what it was that I didn't like about them it was EXACTLY what my mother said she hated about the Cure: "He's just so whiny!". She called Robert Smith the whiny guy all the time. I was heartbroken because at the time I totally wanted to marry Robert Smith.

Also cooch? 2 out of 3 suggestions I'm enjoying. I cannot go with you on Hot Action Cop.

And Mel gave me The Bravery when I was in NH, and I'm a fan so far.

Heidi Ellis said...

Hey I just found this new group, Kaiser Chiefs. Very cool retro sound.

Oh and by the way, I'm alive. Just didn't have internet for a few days and I'm trying to find my way out of boxes.

/\opn said...

I'm way late in contributing to this conversation, but I wanted to say that your mom must not have been exposed to our dear Morrissey (The Smiths)... Talk about a whiner!! Makes Robert Smith sound like The Beach Boys (in terms of perkiness)!

I have just downloaded several of The Killers' songs... Inspired by having recently caught one of their songs on the radio (I, too, have given up on radio). I didn't realize that my car stereo would go that loud! Amazing how a song can make your day!

btw, has anyone else been accused of being the inspiration for the song "1985"? I have apparently developed quite a reputation for my affinity for early 80's British Pop... I mean just because I have seen The Cure twice and Duran Duran 4 times in the last 2 years, doesn't mean I'm obsessed! LOL