Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Freaking Flip-flops!

We all know my stance on flip-flop sandals. Well, maybe we don't. Here it is:

I hate flip-flop sandals.

Let me clarify. I hate flip-flops when worn in inappropriate settings or with outfits that are not beach-wear. Flip-flops are also acceptable footwear when taking a shower somewhere where you want to avoid being barefoot. If you're me, thats practically anywhere, because I'm a little bit touchy about being barefoot. Okay, a LOT bit touchy.

Gawker linked to a story that demonstrates an inappropriate time/place to wear flip-flops. Like, oh... let me think... when you're meeting the President at the White House.

I love how the one girl decided that her flip-flops were okay because its not like they were "old beach flip-flops". Oh, no! They had RHINESTONES on them. Well. I stand corrected. After all, we all know that rhinestones instantly raise the 'dressiness' level of a garment. Just ask the inventors of the Bedazzler.


Kendra said...

FLIP FLOPS are AWESOME!!!!!! Not necesarily out to dinner or to the opera, but when I'm running my nephew to DQ for a chilly treat I rock the flip flops. My big issue is with people wearing "jammie" bottoms or "leisure" pants in public. nothing is more flattering than walking around in britches that appear to double as diapers...FULL daipers. yuck.

Lisa said...

What a lovely mental image I have now. Thanks Kendra!! :)

LP Roxon said...

I agree, but that is the new thing for summer. Flats, flip-flops, chinese slippers, etc. It's all about comfort. There are even nice dressy ones, or those with the kitten heels. Give Flip-Flops a chance. Well, those were young girls, Maybe it's the generation gap.