Friday, March 31, 2006

Don'ts and Don'ts

I can't believe I've missed this for so long, but this is a great feature on Gawker: Blue States Lose. Which is described by them thusly:
Every week a fresh crop of images of ridiculous-looking hipsters acting in a ridiculous fashion is made available on the Internet. Many of us are familiar with the photo galleries at The Cobrasnake (primarily Los Angeles), Last Night’s Party and Misshapes (both in New York). These sites, which aim to make wasted party-going retards look fabulous, are quite possibly the most infuriating thing in the world. But much like a gruesome car wreck or a Paris Hilton home movie, you just can’t turn away. Every Friday, we’ll steal a little from Vice magazine and post our choices for the Top 10 most ridiculous hipsters, complete with links to the photos and derogatory comments. They’ll make you - a young, liberal-leaning urbanite - suddenly hate everything about youth culture, your city and, probably, life. In other words: Blue States Lose.

Its like What Not To Wear of young hipsters. Oh man. Some images are NSFW, but you'll know which ones by reading the captions. I'm so glad I'm uncool and boring.


Nathan said...




Special K said...

ok, I am a Wisconsinite, I typically am in my own unhip world and also I am oldish...but WTF!?? My father would have kicked me into a grease stain if I would ever have appeared the way these children do. Also there are more than several photos of an aged tranie on the Misshapes site and that kinda icks me out too.

Lisa said...

someone like this guy?