Thursday, March 16, 2006

food photography

For some reason, I've always thought food photography was pretty cool. All of the little tricks they have to make your food look more appetizing are pretty neat. In fact, the father of someone from my PhD lab is a food photographer, and he made a special pizza slice lifter to make the pizza in photos on frozen pizza boxes look all gooey and cheesy.
This video about photographing pancakes for IHOP* is pretty funny.

* if IHOP must advertise themselves as the International HOUSE OF PANCAKES, then why do their pancakes totally suck?? They taste like wallpaper paste. Seriously. If pancakes is going to be your thing, at least make sure your pancakes are awesome. Which they are not.


Heidi Ellis said...

First I'm more of an egg and bacon kinda gal. So I usually only get to the pancakes by the end of the meal when I feel very beefy. But I always enjoyed IHOP because of the various syrups you can use such as blueberry. Matt always loves the hard to find butter pecan (which I find way too sweet).

Special K said...

OH-MY-GOD!!! I almost spat my vitamin water all over!! you absolutely kill me! "food photography"? i really don't feel as though i ever knew you at all...all these hobbies and interests....hehehe

Lisa said...

Well Kendra, you see... my interest in food photography stems from our shared interest of egging people standing in line at the Dairy Queen or at Pershing Park. I like to think about ways to make egg on the face of burnouts appear more appealing on film.

Special K said...

how do you get me every time I'm trying to drink this crap vitamin water!!! I'm going to fry my computer one of these times. all i have to say is that egging people/places/things was a very adventagous use of time. i'd like to think of us as pioneers.