Friday, March 24, 2006


Oh, that Duke v LSU game last night was HEARTBREAKING.

Don't you just want to cry looking at this picture (which I lifted from of my two favorite Dukies, JJ and Coach K? Oh. I do.

I mean, Duke was certainly not in top form, and LSU did a good job of keeping JJ Redick under control, which I think is pretty important if you want to beat Duke. I am so sick of hearing about 'Big Baby' though. Gag me.

But I mentioned that I love JJ Redick. He seems like such a nice guy (I cannot vouch for how this idea holds up in real life having never run into the guy anywhere in Durham. I do know from having dated - or tried to anyhow - many apparently nice guys, a good chunk of them are actually total jerks) and I really wanted him to be on a winning team in his last year, because he deserves it! So, I was sad. And I was really actually tearing up when he walked off the court and was crying and hugging people. Ohhh. Because I am that pathetic.

But anyhow. Any hopes I had for doing well in the NCAA pool were also dashed, along with my JJ dreams.

Can I also say that I love the ads that they play during games for the NCAA, with the athletes talking about how they're going pro in something other than sports? I love them. Brian hates them though. I just have more respect for college students who are students FIRST and athletes SECOND. Actually, I don't mean that. I know that being a college athlete requires a SIGNIFICANT time investment, so I am sure that they spend almost as much time on sports as they do on school. But I hate the guys who drop out of school before they finish to pursue a professional sports career (hello, last year's UNC team!). If you're in school, you're in school to get a degree. Yes, perhaps your sports playing GOT you to school, but you should at least accomplish your education-related objective while you're playing. Maybe thats just me.


patientgrl said...

I'm glad someone feels the same way as I do. I didn't even get to see the game last night, because we STILL don't have cable. But I saw the pictures when I got in this morning, and I was heartbroken. Poor JJ. He deserved to win it all this time. BUT, Kristin made a good point -- he'll make millions and millions of dollars in his bright future. Although, I don't think that's a reason to hate him. Here's my face when I think about last night's game:

Special K said...

yeah, I guess. But if some NFL player asked me to marry him, I would definately not turn him down because he didn't obtain a "degree" (it probably would've been in marketing anyways)

Anonymous said...

Kristin said....

1. I am a Carolina fan, so it is my obligation to dislike Duke (even though I enjoy working there and have had nothing but positive experiences with Duke students).

2. I don't hate JJ Redick. How could I even know him.

3. JJ Redick got more press for "crying" than Sheldon Williams did all year.

4. Redick will make a ton of money in the future. The fact that he didn't win an NCAA championship during his career at Duke means only that he fell short of his goal. If someone cheered for me evertime I did a miniprep, then maybe I'd understand why everyone is so sad for "poor" JJ. But until then, I don't get it. Life isn't always rosy, a tough lesson, and perhaps unfair that Redick had to experience in front of a national audience, but that comes with the territory of being one of the NCAA elite.

5. I will be pleasantly surprised if JJ Redick ever "goes professional in something else" (ie. his History degree). Most likely, he'll turn pro...make some money, and eventually have his name associated with a auto dealership.

6. Carolina players aren't the only ones to leave college after a succesful season...may I remind you of former Duke player Mr. Deng.

Lisa said...

oh, kristin! i'll cheer for you every time you do a miniprep!! :)
2, 4, 6, 8, who do bacteria appreciate?

and you're right about sheldon williams. and about the car dealership. heeeee!