Monday, March 20, 2006

The highs and lows of my NCAA bracket

I don't really watch all that much college basketball, but I love March Madness because I love to watch the scores all day, agonize about the state of my bracket and talk trash to other members of our pool. For many, many years I picked Kentucky to win every time (In college I was a UK fan, and also a big Rick Pitino fan, although not so much when he went to the arch-enemy, Louisville) and I got screwed every time. This year actually is the first I didn't go with UK - I picked Duke.

Oh, shut up. I like Duke. I particularly like JJ Redick, and he's a senior, so I want him to win.

I don't know too much about the other teams, particularly ones not in the ACC, so my rationale for choosing teams usually goes a little something like this:
"Okay... Oklahoma vs. UW-Milwaukee. Well, I used to live near Milwaukee, so I'm picking UWM (an upset which I correctly picked!). Gonzaga vs. Xavier.... Gonzaga sounds like 'gorgonzola', and I like that, so I'll pick Gonzaga."
Also, there is a lot of bias in my picks towards who was good in the past but may not be so great anymore. Like Marquette, who I picked to go to the 8 but who lost in the first round.

Of course because I'm a Duke fan, I desperately want UNC to lose. Yesterday they totally got beat by George Mason, so HA. I had picked UNC to win, so its not great for me in terms of the pool, but it IS great for me in terms of gloating.

It seems like a lot of people have picked UConn, which only sort of narrowly avoided defeat yesterday at the hands of my old favorite, UK. I have them in the final, but I'm hoping that this suggests that they're not going to win.

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