Thursday, March 30, 2006

New content, the easy way!

First: a goose update!
Yesterday? I was walking to my car? And a goose totally HISSED at me. I'm fearing for my life now. If you don't hear from me for a while, talk to the geese.

Second: Links!!

I can't stand Kelly Osbourne, but that is a really cute coat.

(also from Go Fug Yourself, Britney's back and she's mad!)

Eve's alternate endings for journal articles are also appropriate for the biological sciences. Writing a paper? Check them out. Its what you're really thinking, after all.

Haiku makes every day life far more interesting. Try it!

Photo Booth is an excellent way to amuse yourself and others!

Soccer is not just for warm-blooded creatures anymore! (I saw a video of this on Good Morning America, and its much more entertaining in video form, I have to say. But I do what I can here, for you, my readers).



Special K said...

one time I was taking some classes at Parkside and we also had hateful deranged geese. as I was walking into a particular building for an enthralling Management in Healthcare class this really pissed off goose came out of the bushes at me. you know that while I'm not chapter president of PETA or anything, I also have no certain need to destroy wildlife. but you know what I did? I kicked it! with a pointy toe stiletto!! and it worked, no goose ever came after me again.....maybe though it's because I transfered to Marquette..hmm...I'd give the kick a try if I were you.

Nathan said...

I'm feeling confused.
Where is the "really cute goat"?
Drugs make readin' hard.


---- And winks aren't syllables! :-p

Karl Broman said...

It's nice to be linked to. I've added a couple of more pictures for your (but mostly my own) amusement.

Lisa said...

nathan? just say no to the crack.
oh! oh my god. that was a haiku. hee.
it was so seamless, i didn't even notice! :)

and karl, i've got to get my pictures too and post now. they're on someone else's computer because i don't have a fancy MacBook Pro, like some people.