Friday, May 20, 2005

back on the market

Well... in a surprise development we have put our house on the market and made an offer on another one. Really, I was thinking that I just didn't have enough to do with finishing up my thesis (now 100% in the fixing up after Hunt gives his comments stage!), so I should probably spend some time making sure that the house looks showable all the time. When we sold our house in Cleveland, I think it took 10 days, and it was 10 days of hell. This time I'm hoping it will be better because at least there are no daily blizzards here, so we don't have to shovel the driveway every single day, just in case someone comes over to show it.
The new house is still under construction, so we wouldn't close until the end of August. So at least I will have been working for a few weeks before we have to move. Theoretically.
Anyhow, very exciting. The new house has WAY MORE BATHROOMS than the current one, which is of course a major point. So if you want to come visit us, you'll have your own bathroom and think you're in a hotel. However, if you want to visit while we still have the pool (and it gets pretty damn hot here)? You'd better get a move on. The new neighborhood doesn't have one.

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