Friday, May 27, 2005

A moment of silence, please.

Oh, its a sad day in celebrity gossip.
1. Janice Dickinson is the best part of America's Next Top Model. And now she's leaving . As Becky said, "why can't they get rid of Nole and his stupid dog?"
2. It appears that the initial Defamer blind item guess was wrong, and that Toothy Tile (secretly gay but starting to be either careless or coming out) is not Chris Klein (thus blowing my whole Tom/Katie theory), and is quite obviously Jake Gyllenhall. Which is sad. Because he is beautiful and now I am no longer his type.
3. Viggo, viggo, viggo. My Lord. I need something to keep me interested enough to appease Brian and watch "Lord of the Rings". You're not helping.

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