Friday, May 27, 2005

Now, straddle step with the knee...

Okay, I have one more thing to complain about today. Its about step class.
Brian and I joined the gym a few months ago, as we were feeling a little porky. It could be due in part to the thousands of jelly bellies and sour gummy bears I consumed in the early stages of thesis writing. It is probably also due to my new routine for managing the famous Helbling intestines. However, it WORKS. So, I'll deal with the associated weight gain. Its better than having to know the location of every public restroom within a 10 mile radius.

(Too much information? Normally, probably so. However you've all ridden in a car with me at some point, so you all have experience with this.)

Anyhow. The gym. I hate all the aerobics stuff like the treadmill, bike, etc. But I do like taking classes, so I've been taking ~four classes a week: two step classes and two cardiosculpt classes. However, the last two weeks have been so hectic with my dad coming to town, the sudden decision to move and subsequent purchasing of new home and listing of current home, and the impending turn-in date for my dissertation (must FedEx to Cleveland by ~June 15). So I've missed many of the classes. The step class is VERY INTENSE. More intense than I am in shape for. I've definately increased my endurance for this and now I generally manage to make it through the whole thing. Last night, not so much. Dying.

However, I was reminded of my pet peeve about step class. Its the new people. I understand that when you're just starting, its difficult to follow the steps. There is a learning curve associated with this. But you know, the entire room is doing the step, which we repeat at least 8 times in a row (and more often it seems like we repeat it 10 million times) before switching to something different. And its really the same steps through the whole class, just in different combinations. So when something new starts, you watch what everyone else is doing and then give it a shot. Eventually you'll catch on. Until you do, you can just do an easier step. We seem to get new people though who just STAND THERE and look flummoxed. Literally, through the ENTIRE CLASS, they just stand there in front of their steps. We just did the horseshoe 16 times. Did you see?? I realize I'm exceptionally coordinated (Hee. Not.), and that not everyone is going to be a step expert. I just hate it when people don't even try.

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Heidi Ellis said...

Gym snob.

Ha, just kidding. I'm actually a fan of the eliptical machine instead of the crazy classes. But yea I know what you mean about it getting really busy and not having time to go. :(