Tuesday, May 31, 2005

T minus 16 days

So, I have to turn in my dissertation in 16 days. The freakout level is rising. I'm just in the final tweaking stage, and I know everything will get finished just fine. But still? Freaking.

This weekend was full of fun. On Saturday I went to the Taste of Durham festival with Julie, Dave and Bayly. Clearly the ToD folk did not plan for the crowds; the thing was from 11-5, but when we arrived at 2 most of the food was sold out. I did have a fantastic truffled leek and potato tartlet from Pop's, my favorite restaurant. Last time I went there I had a great apple and brie pizza. I also ran into the other two post-docs in my new lab. Afterward was the IGSP picnic at the Durham Bulls game, which was fun. Much beer was drunk.
Sunday we stopped by the new house. The brick-laying is finished so the exterior looks almost done (still no stone yet), but the inside looks much the same. i.e. studs. While we were there, our friends from our current neighborhood drove through to check the placeout. We decided to move so quickly that we hadn't gotten a chance to tell them, so when they walked past our house and saw the for sale sign they were a little surprised! They wanted to check out the new place to make sure they approved. Hee. We're hoping to meet with the builder this week, and I've got to run to Chapel Hill to check out the selections the builder and decorator have made as far as tile, granite, fixtures, etc.
On Sunday night we met Chris/Leo/Denise/Jim/kids at Foster's. More yummy food. It was a big weekend of eating. Luckily I made it to the gym on Saturday morning. We brought Milo to Foster's, as its outside and we thought everyone would like to meet him.
Then yesterday was a big day-o-thesis. Hurrah. I made a figure. For all my complaining about Photoshop? Its not that bad once you figure out how to use it. However the learning curve is VERY STEEP.

So, a good weekend!

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