Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I love Katie Holmes too.

Heidi Ellis (if that is indeed your real name) talked on her blog about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes relationship and how they're just SO OVER THE TOP about how much in looooooooove they are. I think we all know that Tom Cruise is gay. I mean, come on. It is also rumored (via Ted Casablanca's blind item) that Chris Klein (Katie's ex-fiance) is as well (unlesss the Defamer guessers are wrong). Anyhow, the point being that this "relationship" is clearly fake and irritating the crap out of me.
I hate listening to celebrities talk about their relationships. They are always so gushy about their partner, how dreamily wonderful their relationship is, how blissfully happy they are. Maybe I'm just not that eloquent, but when I'm discussing my relationship with Brian I don't really talk like that. Nor do I wear an amulet of his blood around my neck like Angelina/Billy Bob. I often think, have I missed something? I've never had a relationship that led me to gush like J. Lo about Marc Anthony (or Ben??).
And then they all break up and get divorced and I realize that we're normal, and that their relationships were ridiculous to start with. Hurrah!

In other news, I realized that I can change the comments setting so that you don't have to register with to make comments. So comment away.

In still other news... there still has been only one showing of the house. The real estate market is so different here. In Cleveland we had a lot of showings and sold the house in 10 days (after 3 or 4 offers). Here, not so much. Its because of all the new construction here. We thought the same thing when we moved here, we looked at one or two resales and decided we wanted something brand new. So, we'll see how it goes.

Final other news. My new postdoc advisor emailed me about ordering a computer for me, and asked me to decide what I wanted. However, his lab is currently all PC, so no Macs. I am so so sad. I will so dearly miss my iMac when I leave this lab. I have the older style, where the computer part is a dome-shaped thing and the flat screen monitor swivels around above it. I love it. I'm not as nuts about the new style (where everything is contained in the monitor), but I'm sure I'd like it if I had one.


Turducken said...

Some people are weird just because celebrity makes you weird, but I think Angelina and Billy Bob are the kind of people who'd be weird anyway. I mean, have you seen some of the people on online dating sites? "Dragon boy and elf girl seek third."

Lisa said...

mmmmm. okay. good point. haha.