Monday, May 23, 2005

Oh, Desperate Housewives. You disappoint me so.

After all the crazy hyping of the DH finale, I found it a little bit...meh. Am I alone in this?
What did we really learn that we didn't already know (or sort of know?) Not a ton. That said, I will be very sad to see Rex go.
Now the Lost finale will seem EVEN MORE WONDERFUL!
Brian decided to watch "Star Wars:The Second of Three Boring Prequels" instead (it is really saying something when even Ewan McGregor cannot save a movie for me. Jar-Jar Binks ruined it ALL!), although for the majority of the movie the sound and picture were about 15 seconds off from one another. Even in the commercials, which was a little strange. You'd be watching one commercial and listening to the sound from the previous one.

Also: The recent Kelly Clarkson entry in the fug blog is hilarious. I really did not even know you could buy those bodysuits anymore, nor can I understand why you would want to. This look is 10x worse than the thong + super low-rise pants combo.

Also also: First showing of the house!! I hoped they would ring our phone off the hook later that night begging to buy the place at twice the asking price. But alas, not so much.

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