Thursday, June 02, 2005

No house action.

So far, no more action on the house front. We've still only had one showing in the 10 days the house has been on the market. Its sure different than Cleveland! I'm hoping that last weekend was slow (read: dead) because it was a holiday. What this means, of course, is that I've been making the bed every day for NOTHING. Er... I mean, I always make my bed, mom. Its like a habit.

I haven't posted any pictures for a while, so here are some of the house:

...which obviously is the front of the house.

...which is the kitchen. Which, I don't think I'm going to paint red this time. Sad. I love our red kitchen.

Also, another picture of Milo (and my dad, playing Milo's favorite game)

Very tired this morning, because Smokey (the old cat) has recently decided that she is too old to use the litterbox and just does her business wherever she happens to be at that moment. This morning it was at 5 am, and it was in the corner of the bedroom. So I got up to clean it up and (stupidly) decided to go back to bed afterwards, even though I knew the alarm was going off in an hour. Bad idea. That never works. Smokey seems to do something like this every time we sell our house. In Cleveland she started peeing on our new couch. THAT was a lot of fun. Once it was right before an open house. There isn't much we can do... she's old and blind and I don't think she knows her way around all that well anymore. And even though the other cats haven't really done anything to her, she's terrified that she'll run into them. Which she does (I mean literally, walk into them).

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Heidi Ellis said...

I know what you mean about what a pain it is to keep the house in top shape. Especially when you have cats!

If it makes you feel any better, we've had about 30 people come to our house and still no significant offers. LOL. Although supposedly we're going to get one in soon. *fingers crossed* I definitely feel your pain with the stress though. Not fun selling a house.

Your dad must have loved playing with Milo! Milo looks beautiful in that picture.

Also, I like your new profile picture! :)