Friday, June 10, 2005

courgettes and aubergines

Melissa/Heidi's last comment about the 'Sith Sense' thing made me realize that as the wife of a Brit (and thus master of the British-to-English dictionary), I had a responsibility to clear something up for everyone.

Courgette = Zucchini
Aubergine = Eggplant

I know that if you took French (I did, and I still remember that fricking poem I learned for the speaking contest in 7th grade! L'hiver a ses plaisirs, et souvent le Dimanche, quand un peu du soleil jaunit le terre blanche, avec ma cousine on sort se promener...) you know what those words mean. What you do not know is that, despite all their dislike of the French, the Brits have decided to use these words to refer to these vegetables.

Brian went go to the grocery store once with a list that I gave him, on which I wrote:
2 medium zucchini

When he came home, he was zucchini-free, which he attributed to the fact that he didn't know what zucchini were. On his next shopping trip, I tried to be helpful. So I wrote:
2 medium courgettes

Again he returned zucchini-less. I asked why, and he said that he couldn't find them but had asked a grocery store employee where the courgettes were, and they didn't know what the hell he was talking about.


Heidi Ellis said...

Oh my god, that is too funny. I knew what an aubergine was and even a prawn, but I had know idea about courgettes.

Turducken said...

And all this time I thought aubergine was just a J. Crew-ish color name!

Lisa said...

see? i am all about the public service to everyone.