Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm not sure which would be worse...

...Actually getting a cold or taking these Zicam. Yech.
I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday with a sore throat, which I still had on Monday morning. I cannot be sick for my defense/subsequent vacation. Cannot. So I went out to Eckerd and got myself an anti-cold arsenal.
I've never tried Zicam but it says that it can reduce the length and severity of cold symptoms, exactly what I wanted. They had several forms of Zicam that you could take. Some lozenge-type things...some nose-swabby-type things, er... something else... Anyhow. I selected the 'strawberry flavored chews'. They looked tasty, like Starburst. I like Starburst. I went home and excitedly unwrapped my first one.
They taste like crap. I'm not sure I can even describe the crap-ness. Ok. So the initial flavor is good. Its very strawberry-ish. They smell good too. Then once you've given it a chew or two it turns into hell. It has this bizarre texture...like...papier mache? Metallic papier mache. And the strawberry flavor is completely replaced with gross flavor. Like ashes. Or how I would imagine ashes taste, anyhow. I've never actually eaten ashes.
Worse still, you cannot eat or drink for 15 minutes afterwards. So that taste! Goes nowhere! Ack.

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Cleveland. Very exciting. Cannot wait. Also, cannot wait for this to be over.


Heidi Ellis said...

*Note to self* No strawberry chews Zicam.

I have some sort of upper respiratory infection as well right now. Biter.

Good luck at your defense!

Oh and I won't be home until July 5 because I'm going camping (AGAIN) for the weekend. I'll give you a call then though. Yay!

gidget said...

Best of luck! We will all be sending you positive thoughts . . . You will be magnificent!!