Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm not trashy. Really.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I've been watching (and enjoying! I know!) 'Dancing with the Stars' on ABC. This shameful problem began when we tuned in to fill the void left by Lost (the best show on television!) when the season ended. Last night I actually stopped playing Metriod specifically to tune in again. I think I was somewhat predisposed to like this show because I really like watching dancing on TV. I watch those dance team and cheerleading championships on ESPN2 all the time, reliving my college years in the unflattering bright blue leotard (I much preferred the cute sequined thing we wore for football season!).
Anyhow. Dancing with the Stars. Right. So our "Stars" are Joey McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block fame, an obsession I am glad I didn't have when growing up), Trista Rehn...oops... Sutter (from the Bachelorette), Rachel Hunter, Evander Holyfield, this chick Kelly from General Hospital and J. Peterman from Seinfeld. Each of the "stars" are paired up with a professional ballroom dancer and each week they do one dance, get graded by these three judges and then at the end of the show you're suppossed to call in and vote American Idol-style. In the first week Kelly the GH girl got so unfairly hammered by the judges that I actually was moved to vote. I don't know what came over me. It was crazy. But seriously, Evander Holyfield came out ahead of her? Give me a break.
Last night the men had to do the quickstep while the women did the rhumba. Again, Evander Holyfield pretty much sucked and was carried completely by his partner, but Kelly improved substantially over last week (given the judges ridiculous criticisms mainly centering on her facial expressions). Trista totally dances like a cheerleader (which she was. Why do I know this? Someone help me); her footwork is good but her upper body is so stiff. So she did okay. The guy from Seinfeld is easily the most enjoyable to watch. The other two are good as well.
Then at the end of the show they eliminate one couple based on both the judges scores from the previous week and the audience vote. It came down to... I cant remember. Oh. Rachel Hunter (who I think is pretty good) and Trista. So since the world is pretty much sick of hearing about Trista by now, she got eliminated. In my opinion, she got robbed. There is NO WAY that Evander Holyfield should have lasted past the first elimination. Ack. But I am glad that Kelly was spared because she really did not deserve the scores she got from the judges on either night.

In other news, my parents are leaving on Saturday for their cruise down the Rhine River. Since they are leaving on MY ANNIVERSARY I thought they should be required to take me and Brian, but I guess they didn't feel the same. Darn.

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Heidi Ellis said...

Ok, again, you make fun of me for watching American Idol?

Hello pot. :)