Friday, June 10, 2005

Don't feel bad Microsoft, I hate you too.

Microsoft clearly hates me, and I'm just saying. The feeling is mutual.

Today I'm doing the final formatting of my thesis. It was all very exciting for a while. I recovered from the mis-paging that occurred after I formatted my citations. Then I made sure I had correctly italicized everything. Then I fixed all the stupid margins. Finally, I was ready to print to pdf. Which I did. And assembled it all into one file and was all happy. Then when I started scrolling through I realized that the page numbers on the pages I had switched to 'landscape' were on the wrong side. So I tried to fix that and it took for FREAKING EVER.

Microsoft. Lets have a little talk here. When there is a whole big document with both landscape and portrait pages, its probable that when the document is printed we're going to want all the pages to go the same way. We just want the words and pictures to be rotated 90 degrees. So the default shouldn't be to stupidly stick the page numbers on the side of the stupid page.

Ok. Then. I went through the whole stupid 200+ pages and fixed these all. Again, printed to pdf. Again, scrolled through. Now I find that only the very top of the page number printed out. So now I am manually moving all the page numbers up.
Hello Microsoft. Margins! Why on God's Green Earth would you stick the footer below the printable area of the page?

So MAYBE I'll get this printed this weekend.

Oh my god. I need a beer.

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