Monday, June 06, 2005

NC is not good for my hair.

So this morning? In the shower? I was washing my face (which was a little slippery as a result of having soap on it) and my hand slipped and i jammed my pinky up my nostril and gave myself a bloody nose.
And this is why they call me Grace.

Anyhow, this weekend was very exciting, starting with Friday. On Friday night Bayly and I had a night-o-shopping, of which the highlight was DSW, the most wonderful store on the planet. I bought only a SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES, exhibiting a great deal of restraint on my part. Brian likes to think I spend money right and left like a lunatic, however I'd like to point out that I'm very thrifty. I only looked at the clearance shoes, and I limited myself to one pair. AND I had a $10 off coupon that Lisa P. left me when she moved back to Clevo (I'd prefer she had not moved at all and kept the coupon for herself, but not much I can do about that!). So see? Thrift.

On Saturday we had two (TWO!) showings on the house. Both of which we had about 30 seconds of notice for. The first one occurred when the people who wanted to see the house showed up at the door with our agent on their cell phone. So I let them take a look around. That is so difficult, because I remember when we bought our first house that there were several homes where the current owners did not leave while we were having the showing, and I hated it. For the second showing, we got a phone call from the centralized showing service at 4:09 asking if we could have a showing from 4:10-5. Ooookay. So we took the dog for a walk. It was about nine hundred degrees out and 99.999999% humidity. The dog was thrilled. My hair looked like crap. Oh lets be honest, it still does. Stupid humidity. Why can I not have naturally straight frizz-free hair? Thanks Mom. I blame you and your hydroscopic hair.

Yesterday we went to see the new house, which has insulation now! We also went through the house a few doors down which was built by the same guy. It was beautiful inside, so I'm very excited about ours!

And I finally got the grapple beam in Metroid 2. I know you were all worried. I almost had to call Matt G for pointers, as I'm sure he's already beaten the game. He pulled WAY ahead of me in Metroid Prime (which I have just about given up on).

Oh also? I formatted my dissertation. But that was boring. Today I switch back into super paper mode, as I've got two more papers to get out the door. Hurrah for papers!

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