Saturday, June 25, 2005

My last fateful weekend without a Ph.D.

I stopped into work today, my last Saturday of graduate school, to go over my talk with my advisor. Which was all fine and now I can start practicing. Hooray!
I have several pictures to show here. First:

A Red-headed woodpecker! Although they are in NC year round, I've never seen one. The more recent field guide I have (i.e. the one I stole from my parents in Bar Harbor) lists them as 'uncommon'. Yesterday I was standing at the sink washing dishes and I saw him on the suet feeder. They are so striking. I almost dropped what I was washing. He came back a few times. I sat out on the deck for an hour, motionless, trying to get his picture. If he had come back to the suet feeder it would have been better (i.e. closer) but this is the best picture I got. If someone would like to buy me a fabulous present one day, a digital camera with a real zoom lens would be fab.

Also, we met with the builder and went through the house. Look! Stone!

Also, the hardwood floors are in and by now, most of the sheetrock is probably up.
Very exciting! I also wanted to post this picture which shows how the deck railing will be:

Instead of having vertical slats he's using these horizontal steel cables. They disappear into the background and don't disturb your view. Since we are avid birdwatchers, we're very excited about this.

As for our current house, we have a showing today! Hurrah! Now someone please buy it. Please.

Off to Cleveland on Wednesday. Very exciting! I'm already planning all the places I want to eat:
Great Lakes Brewing Company

Those are the biggies. Also, would like to go to the West Side Market and pick up some pierogies. Yum.
Then I'm flying off to NH on Saturday. Hurrah again!

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