Tuesday, June 21, 2005

cats 24/7

When Katie was graduating last year, we were all solicited for silly pictures. As I was going through my fabulous iPhoto collection, I noticed that I have about twice as many pictures of my cats as I do of people. I'm such a dork. Which you all knew.

Anyhow. So a while ago Brian told me about something he saw on TV about this book called Cats 24/7. Apparently there are many versions of these 24/7 books, but they're essentially picture coffee-table books. They were soliciting pictures for this book, so I sent a few in. I just found out that one of my photos was published in the book! I had submitted 5, so I wasn't sure which one. Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at the book. There are 48 pages (yes, I counted) that have 6 thumbnail pictures a piece on them at the top of the page. On page 165 there is a picture of Alton and Cherry at the top left of the page! Also, my name is in the credits at the back. So, I'm famous. And you all know me.

Oh. Here's the picture.

Hee. Look at how small Cherry is. Her head is like half the size of Alton's. This picture was taken last July. She's like a normal adult cat now.


Heidi Ellis said...

You ARE such a dork! But yet I secretly want to be just like you. ;) Hahaha!

No really, that's cool, and a very cute picture.

Karl Broman said...

Do you have a picture in the Infinite cat project? Then you'd really be a dork.

Lisa said...

Damn! No!
A new goal. However, with the not having internet access at home problem, and the fact that the cats do not often come to the lab with me, this may be difficult.
Maybe I can get Wynton or Olly to do it when I am in NH.

Lisa said...

Melissa? Secretly you ARE just like me, to the point where everyone who sees your picture thinks we are sisters.
Also, you married Matt.
So, revel in your dorkness!