Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Brains and eggs. No, seriously.

Already so much excitement today, and its only 1:30. Karl is in town for something mathy, so I picked him up at the airport. Not ten seconds after he got in the car and I pulled out of the terminal, I got pulled over. I haven't had a ticket since I was an undergrad! Evidently I was going 40 in a 20? 25? mph zone of the terminal. Which I really don't understand, but whatever. I have to go to traffic court (they don't tell you how much your ticket is apparently, you just HAVE to go to court) on the first day of my postdoc. So, hey new advisor? I'll be late because I'm going to be in court. Super.
Karl and I went to some place in Raleigh for breakfast. I had a hard time deciding what to get. It was either the enormo-pancake or... brains and eggs. Ick. I'm grossing myself out just typing that. In the 'gross-out' respect it has also been a trying morning. In the car on the way into Duke this morning, we heard a story about red blood cell donation on NPR. They were interviewing the guy while he was giving blood, so with the phlebotomist talking to him about the needle etc. I have a major needle phobia which results in my immediate crying as soon as needles that are meant for me come out. Its not like it really hurts or anything, its just a subconscious reaction. I think my mom used to think I was just a big whiner, until she took me to get my first allergy test... ack! So the blood donation people have told me not to come back. I used to try to give blood but usually got rejected because my iron was slightly too low (because of the whole vegetarian thing). So that way I didn't feel guilty about not giving blood. It was a good scam until I started to get through the iron test.

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